My Journey

 Tommy Keiser

Hi, I'm Tommy Keiser, an Emmy Award - winning designer based in Los Angeles, California.

Throughout my ten year career in the entertainment industry I've had the opportunity to contribute to six seasons of the award-winning Robot Chicken, as well as a variety of other popular shows. I've also had the pleasure of working with a wide spectrum of clients including Netflix, Mattel, EA Sports, Disney, Gatorade, Audi, Honda, and Pepsi. My most recent work can be viewed streaming on Crackle's Super Mansion and Buddy Thunderstruck, recently released on Netflix. With a passion for storytelling and technology, I've toured the world educating others about 3D printing in entertainment and product development .

In 2006, I graduated from the animation program at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. I immediately moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in stop-motion animation. I incorporated ZBrush into the fabrication pipeline during Hell and Back, an R rated comedy, produced at Shadowmachine Animation. Hell and Back was also my first project using 3D printing heavily. I then joined Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, eventually creating a new business unit within the thriving animation house, the Digital Design Department, which continues to bring characters, sets, and props to life for all types of animation.

While working in the entertainment industry I became increasingly interested in technology. My passion projects creating hardware and software eventually led me to explore these interests as a career. 

In my free time I enjoy reading biographies, listening to EDM, driving my electric car, and making a perfect cup of coffee. 


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